Thursday 23 February 2017

Rockabye Semantics

[The King's Poet] Croxt:

Heart Steady, Passion Consistent, Love Perpetual.
The world needs you because we learn from each other.
To get my grace, to get your grace, to get this grace;
gracefully will get it.
Grace over Guilt; Grace over Shame
assertive over aggressive.
Find your perfect balance and count your steps.
Count your blessings; 1, 2, 3.
The peace we know.
The love we fell in love with.
Grace saves the day
when grace leads the way.
The way we grace.
The way we know.
The way we step.

No competition left but right myself,
aye, no rush about it, when you find yourself.
May your best be my strength
and my best be your friend.
Great patience invested, love fully digested,
hope manifested, the joy we requested
and this flow so dope, wouldn't want it
any other way.

Rush less; Feel more; Love better

Tuesday 14 February 2017


[The King's Poet] Croxt:

Prolonged Hope;
extended grace and mercies.
Got up, thank the Lord for the day.
A new day today, even better day tomorrow.
Without this music, really not a morning person.
Music; the colours we listen to.
The groove we vibe to.
The beat we dance to.
Positivity, my way, all the way up
we do not stop; it nuh change suh.
Abundance galore, God's on my team
up to the top, finessing urban dance styles
lifestyle, my style, condo, lifestyle
Good times and good vibes
Grooving to Bazokizo with you
everything, working out in our favour.
Got love, Got faith, Got God;
keep blessing me and i will
keep loving you.

You're welcome; what a view! Sometimes the remedy's a melody. Tide changes and it feel like we tied to changes. Back like you never left; you're one of a kind. A beautiful mind. Take it easy; on a wave, up here, feeling breezy. Speakeasy, in God we Trust. Love, one of a kind. Gonna do what we do. Gonna love what we do. & when the day comes to an end, they will have loved me for me.

Monday 13 February 2017

White Cap

[The King's Poet] Croxt:

keep looking up,
the snow done fallen.
There's a white cap on every summit.
Where I come from,
you only see this
on top of the mountains.
Crowned and honoured;
a mile in my shoes,
begin to see beauty
for what it really is.

all houses crowned,
blessings done fallen.
There's a good vibe to every success.
Where mi comes from,
you only walk with
so much to be done.
Loved and respected;
a mile in your shoes,
beginning to see your beauty
for the joy it really is.

the deep rising,
love done risen.
There's a silver lining to every cloud.
Where we come from,
you never walk alone
there's beauty all around.
Graceful and uplifted;
a mile in our shoes,
beginning to be beautiful
for that is who we really are.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Yoga Thighs

[The King's Poet] Croxt:

Yoga saved my thighs!!
Surface area, release the tension
Yoga4Thighs; Gym2Relaxation
in the morning when we wake and
in the middle of the night
before we catch some zZz's
improve the way we breathe.
Sometimes during the day
an afternoon at the beach
just stretchin' with the waves.

Stretch to the very ends of this world
Like she needs a big, big hug.
Like she loves a good stretch.
Like she was born to do this.
Peace and Harmony,
just yoga-ing together
like it is the newest trend in town.

A dollar for a sesh,
every time paid,
would definitely stretch.
A mind this focused
can never be distracted.
Jog back to Yoga and Yoga back to joggin';
saved my thighs,
Yoga saved my thighs.

Above Ad Hominem attacks and ahead of assumptions; beauty, above it all, takes it easy. Yoga, if you must; Dance, if you can. Loyalty's bless 'til the day you stop being honest with yourself. Be honest with me. In my eyes, you will find no reasonable need to lie. Stay awake and productive in your light. Sheer weakness has never been an option because you will always find the strength you need in yourself. In me. In each other. In the Grace we found. Finesse with clarity and conciseness. Take this torch, blaze a way forward and the Universe will begin to listen to your voice.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

This is my Planet

[The King's Poet] Croxt:

My world, my earth; This is my planet. This is my globe, a map around the world. Connect the dots, connect the dream, connect the continents. Ad rem, all around, as I perceive, a dream it is and a highway pertinent to my destination. Beyond the borders, beyond the walls; beyond the horizons, across the board, water connects and land just flows. Hills and valleys and rivers that link, oceans of ink to paint a better picture. Trees that breathe and gather into forests, stretches of land showcasing the power of nature, the hand of man, animals existence and perfect imperfections.

Clouds of the sky and the novelty of time, weather on wheels, keeps on reshaping. Seasons abound, all-year round and the things that keep us moving, within and beyond our control, convening birds of a feather, dance together. A multitude of stars, the might of the Sun and the glow of the evanescent moon unite at the helm. Rain or shine, spin, we win, 24/7 and this world we live in, keeps on spinning. The distance between us reducing. Gaining traction, beauty in the eyes yet a billion different attractions. Interaction flowers, every hour and ideas keep us in shape. Travel these miles with a smile; by land, by air, by water; how far would it possibly be? How close are we all? Take, for example, technology taking knowledge beyond age and its edges, taking advantage over the limits we set, expanding our reach.

I have always wanted to embrace the world and pray, God knows, my hands can stretch, this touch is felt, quality expectations, daily, are met; a circadian rhythm, I bet. The Canadian Dream: where dreams are made, be nice2all, give it my best, hope for the best, get my best, sweat on set and a jet-ride straight2freedom, free of debt and any threat. Reflections at night, resounding earthÅ› voices and thoughts below, the peace above, and oh, the love, hatred sinking below what I see. Sea level, we fish and swim, light @ the end of the tunnel, yet darkness holds. Set free, you set me free; freed once, I set you free. Ready, set, free we rise, earth ascending, together again, celebrating; we seized the day and embraced the whole night.

Cup overflow, champagne for the glory, shots for the pain and wine on the table for the candle-lit dinners. The ambience convenient. 3 decent polished pool tables beside the swimming pool we dive in. Background on fleek, you pose so perfect. Just the environment I love. We do not force the vibe any longer, any more because the vibe is a force in itself. We ride the waves. We rise again. Dear Mama, Mama Earth, truly grateful you keep it mia. 100 times, I would fall and a thousand more I soar. Sow the seeds of trees you wish to bear. Hear my call and hello, how are you doing? Cellphone line, found myself online. This is my planet, your planet, our planet and that is why we plant, we plan and we garner what we planted.

Monday 19 December 2016

Croxt Definition

[The King's Poet] Croxt:

To find meaning in a voice so distant, yet so close; the clouds embrace the skies where we meet. Yet, I hate to brag, but my eyes have seen, what I can do. I'm showered with praises and you could be too. Coloured my phrases and given meaning to my life. A deeper feeling headed, towards a better meaning; well-being. I wanna see you dancing. A dance well-deserved. A game well played. If the birds could shake it off and shake hands, they'd make a special song about it. Want it, we want it all. That's why we write it all. You, you, you. You got this, you got it all. Shine bright, above it all and don't shy away from life's many possibilities. Win, win, win; there's more to win. Again, I'll say it, we're truly blessed. Each encounter essential. The path before unfolds. The lyrics emerge. Destiny swell. Goes so well. Young, Wise, Fierce & Nice; the story we told. The lives we led. The lights we loved. What a view we have here and what have you... Pages screaming brilliance and it's excellently crafted. Love to dance, we love to dance and we will be dancing with the stars. The biggest ambition anyone could have and the disciplined heart for it. Practice consistency and you will be shining with the best. The stars are waiting, put your fears to rest.

Me & my Day1, came up with Croxt and it was hot.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Mighty Vibes

[Best Believe] Croxt:

It rings a bell, top-down and am on my way. We can run this place, we just need to know how to do it. There are times when words will be taken for granted then, let the best actions weigh in daily. The baker's dream; to fill our mouths with the most pleasant and appetizing delicacies. Wake up with an appetite for success. For what it's worth, half-way done does half the job. Progress. Dream takes you halfway; the grind spicing things up all the rest of the way. Full-throttle speed and the horizon beyond is for those born ready to drive forward. Love rules any day and my heart is filled to the brim. I could get a dollar every time I expressed my love to the universe and numbers wouldn't lie. I could add height to my standing every time I stood up for love. Taller dan dem, with the highest perspective. The beats would drop and the mighty vibes would kick in, totally felt. Good things come as a result of good actions. So I put it on paper in the best ways possible and follow the guidelines, lessons learnt and dreams to follow. The best support comes from within and freedom has always been within us. If it's us we wanted, it's us we found. If it's to win we wanted, we won that first time. If I give you one more, with the way that I move, it's nothing. So much more to give where this keeps coming from. Abundance is the name of everything I seek. Nothing left to take away; room for more. The mighty vibes have fallen in love with my journey and with the way that I move; it's everything.